• The Library
    For a community to move forward, there is
    a need for them to be educated by any means.
    To address this need, JRCCA built a Library.
    We believe this cradle of knowledge will
    be a haven, where everyone with the quest for
    Knowledge will have their needs met.
  • Action Speaks Louder
    Volunteers giving their possible best in the
    realization of the water catchment project.
    Captured in this picture is a vivid demos
    of the impetus we have in bringing about change
    wthin and beyond our community.
  • Community Empowerment
    Empowering the community allows its members.
    to play an active role in the development of
    the region and ensures the sustainability of
    the initiative
    JRCCA prides itself in being a part of this
    new endeavor in nurturing our people to be
    proactive in this process of change.

Support Us

The plights of men are numerous, however, we choose to look at the glass half full than half empty. We remain optimistic and firmly believe that a little help here and a little more there will unequivocally go a significant way to mitigate the problems our community is faced with.

Thanks to your benevolence and desire to make a positive difference; many in need will be able of securing a meal for their loved ones provide a descent education for their kids, and have access to quality healthcare. Moreover, a plethora of farmers will be able to produce more and get their produces to consummers expeditiously and the list goes on.

Your financial support for this course is much appreciated. To donate, please click on the donate button below. Thank you exceedingly and may God bless you!!!



Latest News

December 20, 2013

JRCCA Donates Farm Equipments To The Mbororo Community

The Aldo, Daowda of the Zang-Tabi Mbororo ethnic group receiving farm equipments from JRCCA .

December 09, 2013

Finally! Electricity At The JRCCA Head-Quarters

Thanks to the financial support provided by JRCCA partners in Georgia, the JRRCA headquarters currently has access to electrical energy..

July 1, 2013

Valley Presbyterain Church Ambassador Visits JRCCA

Ms. Julie Scrivner, the Valley Presbyterian Church Ambassador visits JRCCA Headquarters in Zang-Tabi.

July 1, 2013

Donating oil & Cassava Mills to Local Farmers

JRCCA donates Eight (8) oil mills and Two (2) cassava grinding mills to local farmers in Zang-Tabi. Project sponsored by the Valley Presbyterian Church in California.

June 12, 2013

Boy Scout of Africa: Laying the Ground Work

JRCCA representatives establishing the ground work for the Boy Scout of Africa (BSA).

May 25, 2013

Official Luncheon of JRCCA

During the luncheon, Pa John Ticha, the Founding Father of JRCCA reiterated the ideology that JRCCA will usher a Momo Volunteer Corps (MVC) that will initiate and sustain projects aimed at developing the local communities.

April 24, 2013

Local Farmers in Ngyen-Mbo recieve Bags of Fertilizer

The president, Pa Ticha and his team travelled to Ngyen-Mbo to donate bags of fertilizer to local farmers in that region.

April 1, 2013

Rebuilding the Njah-Etu Community Hall

Twenty (20) bags of cement was donated by JRCCA for the reconstruction of the Njah-Etu village Community Hall.

February 18, 2013

The Water Project

The water project is currently being completed and the community will start benefitting from this project in about a month's time.